Our Head Office is located in Addis Ababa, Adot Multiplex Build., 6th floor, Room No. 601, next to South Africa Embassy and in front of Austrian Chancery.

Doho Lodge & Hot Springs: It is situated 22 km northwest of Awash Sebat Town and 248 km east of Addis Ababa. It is a direct drive through the Harar-Djibouti Main Road. Please note to turn to Doho-Sabure Road from Awash Sebat Town near Awash Falls Lodge and follow our sign posts to each turn. This road is completely gravel. The second route is after Awash Arba Town and after 8 km turn to the left and keep on driving for 7 km on asphalt road, then turn to the left by the left side of the Awash-Woldiya-Mekelle railway. Just after 3 km drive at the signpost cross the railway to the west, facing the small hill, Aseda. The 2.5 km remains to reach to the lodge. 

Tourist circuit at the Eastern Triangular destination.

Option two route is more advantageous as all the road is asphalt except the last 6 km.

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Transport: it is advisable either to take/hire a 4 WD vehicle or use regular public transport from Awash Sebat to Sabure Town and request the Lodge vehicle for 6km drive. The Lodge provides rental vehicles of various makes. Please contact the Lodge Admin in advance of your travel.



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