Game drive

One to three km game drive or trekking/walk would provide guests an enjoyable activity. Guests can see hippos, waterbucks, hyraxes, kudus, crocodiles, tortoises, and a variety of birds. Nice view of Doum palm forest and typha reed can best be spotted from here.

On the way coming to Doho Lodge, one can cross Awash National Park and there is a chance to see Oryxes Gazelles. Since the Lodge is based 500 m north of Awash National Park, it is easy to visit the surrounding nature.
Another fantastic game drive is also possible to Allideghe Wildlife Reserve to see Zebras, Oryxes, Gazelles, Ostriches, etc. It is just 40 km from our Lodge with asphalt drive and takes not more than an hour drive.



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