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Welcome to Doho Lodge & Hot Springs!

Amazing!! Never you will find such hot spring pools elsewhere in the world but only in Doho Lodge, ETHIOPIA - along 200m ridge, Tourists witness confirm that it is "world Class Ecotourist Hot Spring Pool"

Doho Lodge & Hot Springs is situated at the fabulous northern edge of Awash National Park. Its restaurants and bed rooms are built with comfort but local style. Natural hot springs, lakes, palm and acacia forests and the vast typha reeds added its natural beauty.  Wild animals like Lions, Leopards, Hippos, Waterbucks, Lesser kudus, Jackals, and Warthogs are among the larger mammals. The Lodge is neighboured by Awash National Park and Allideghe Wildlife Reserve. Game driving and bird watching is super in these areas than any sites in the country. Above all, enjoying in the natural hot springs of showering, bathing and swimming is breathtaking. 

The lodge is located 248 km east of Addis Abeba, 22 km north of Awash-Sebat Town with the shortcut road and 36 km along the asphalt road of Semera-Djibouti and with only 7 km gravel road.

Stunning photos taken from the Lodge.




"Nature in Nature"

Doho Lodge was established in March 2015. It is a sister company of the Awash Falls Lodge in Awash National Park. The Lodge is located at the expanse of the Awash Hot Springs, at the northern edge of Awash National Park, 22 km from Awash Sebat Town to northwest. The area accommodates immense attractions.



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881lilad wrote a review on 7 Oct 2020
Best customer service ever
I went to Doho lodge for two nights with my girlfriends and it was the best weekend ever. The lodge is very beautiful but nothing can compare with the service that the staff gives, If there was a ten star i would give them without a doubt!!! Doho lodge is my new favorite destination and i am sure i will go back soon!!!!

Abraham you are just one in a million. Amazing human.

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