Boat rowing

You welcome enjoying with mannual boat sailing on the natural hotspring lake.Family touring by manual boat in the warm lake.Lodge staff swimming in the warm spring lake.

Hot spring baths

Natural hot spring bath , very refreshing and enjoyable.

Bar and Restaurant

We are pleased to provide you enjoyable services.

Doho Lodge Magnificent View

Magnificent view of the Doho Palm vegetation cover along the expanse of the adjacent Awash National Park in the west.

Hippos & their habitat

The hot spring area is known for its wide range habitats for immense wildlife that includes the remnant Hippo population in the Typha reed and the lakes .

Afar Dance

The colorful cultural community dance of Afar people.
One of our traditional Family Tukul with comfortable beds. Tukuls constructed from local material following its standard.

Male Waterbuck

Waterbucks are commonly seen inside the Lodge compound and the adjoining Awash National Park.

Stand-still Natural Hot Springs

Natural hot spring shower and baths with powerful falls at Doho Lodge.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

"Nature in Nature "




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Doho Lodge Ethiopia  Doho Lodge is welcoming you to its untouched Doum palm forest, Savanna, Typha Reed, lakes and hot spring habitats. It is situated 22 km northwest of  Awash Town with the shortcut road and 36 km along the asphalt road of Semera-Djibouti and with only 6 km gravel road. It is  246 km east of Addis Ababa. This area is amazing for its natural hot springs.

Enjoyable boat rowing during sun set.

Breakfast with traditional coffee infront of the restaurant facing the lake. 

Major attractions and unique feafures of the area: 

1. Presence of private and communal hot spring showers and bathes.

2. Wildlife: Hippos, Waterbucks, Hamadryas baboons, Lesserkudus, Warthogs, Griver monkeys, Rock hyraxes, Abyssinan hare, Jackals, hyenas, Tortoises, etc. and many reptiles including the Rock python and baffadors.

3. Rich in terrestrial and aquatic bird species: Arabian bustard, Orange-bellied parrot, Owles, other bustard species, ducks, Sandgrouses, Nightjars, etc. which the lodge guides take you straight to these species. 

4. Bot rowing either self or along with the sailer. 

5. Hot spring lake with several hot springs



The Lodge site is a perfect place for enjoyment with the following main attractions:

 Landscape: Immence natural Doum palm forest with Typha grass plans, Fentale mountains as background of the lodge.

Nice view of the lodge from high ground facing to Mt. Fentale.

Enjoying in a private/family bath.

The restaurant facing to the hot spring lake.


News & Events

Doho Lodge is under full service as of March 2015. This new Lodge is a sister company of the Awash Falls Lodge. The Lodge is  located at the expanse of the Awash Hot Springs, at the northern edge of Awash National Park, 22 km from Awash Sebat Town to northwest. The area accommodates immense attractions.

Family tukul.

A nice view of the natural Palm forest from lodge restaurant.


Bird Watching

The Awash valley including this area is rich in both aquatic and terrestrial birds. A variety of bustard species, herons, cormorants, ducks, kingfishers, weavers, etc. are common to see.  It is a lovely place to do evenning and morning bird watching. 


Some of the rarest and giant flying birds, Arabian and Kori bustards at the site.

It is a highly suitable place for professional or amateur bird study/watching along with its adjacent Awash National Park and Allideghi Wildlife Reserve. 

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